View from the Bridge

Changing The Way We Work – Leveraging IT for Transformation

Rapid changes in the ever-evolving healthcare sector present great opportunities for forward-thinking IT leaders.  The pace of health care and technology change requires a different way of working to successfully implement technology-supporting care transformation across the care continuum. Technology is foundational to the success of all business growth. With population[…]

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The Disappointing State of Analytics at Most Hospitals & Health Systems

Over 60 years ago information systems were introduced into hospitals and health systems to assist with core financial areas of the business.  Soon after, the first electronic medical record systems were installed.  With very few exceptions, each and every application had a reporting feature that allowed its users to run various[…]

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Speaking Truth to Power

The concept of “speaking truth to power” likely originated as grunts, growls, and other utterances long ago before the development of speech.  Regardless of the form it takes, speaking truth to power -whether they are parents, partners, persons above you in your organization, peers, personnel, patients, or providers – should[…]

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