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IT Is Reaching Commodity Status – Are You Taking Advantage?

Though my business card says Principal, I’d prefer the term Provocateur. As a year-long challenge to traditional thinking, I have proposed the notion to professional friends and colleagues that many skills, processes, and technology in the healthcare sector have reached commodity status. That change presents great potential benefits for the[…]

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Trust for High Performance Teams

By John Norenberg, Advisor Recently, while working with a couple of healthcare organizations, my thoughts again turned to the elusive topic of trust. Why elusive?  Well, given the sheer volume of literature on how important trust is to a working environment, and although it is not recognized as such, it[…]

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NHIT Week: 6 Leaders on the Value of HIT

October 8-12 is National Health IT Week. A time when our industry highlights the impact of IT in transforming healthcare and advocates for needed changes. This year’s asks revolve around the opioid crisis, prescription drug monitoring, telehealth and integrated data structures. In recognition of NHIT Week, I asked several of[…]

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Meaningful Communication – 10 Lessons from Life

It ’s not just words, grammar, language, and the medium that are critical to communicating important messages – it’s the process.  Every aspect of our being involves communications.  Our ability to communicate effectively creates connections that establish trust which builds a bond with benefits for all participants.  Not always a[…]

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