About Us

StarBridge Advisors was formed in 2016 with a specific vision in mind: to collaborate with leaders and innovators to help advance healthcare with technology enabled solutions.  Since then we have supported large and small healthcare providers and vendors with interim IT leaders, advisory services and leadership coaching.

At this unprecedented time, we stand ready to assist organizations remotely as needed. We have a team of experienced IT leaders who have served as either CIO, CMIO, CNIO, CTO or CISO. We are ready to support and advise your organization as you work through the current COVID-19 crisis for your patients, your staff, and your community.

Our approach is practical, unbiased, open, and plain speaking. We offer you frank and honest opinions based on real-world experience as healthcare executives. And, we always put our clients’ interests first!

We very much look forward to doing our part to help you now and into the future to make your organization all that it can be.