A Vote for Bipartisan Healthcare Reform

Believe it or not, many months ago, during the Presidential debates, I mentioned that almost nothing was being discussed regarding healthcare. Well things have certainly changed!! Now both sides of the political aisle are high and mighty about Obamacare–repeal, replace, fix, and on and on. Mostly rhetoric. Different than Obamacare,[…]

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Radical Collaboration

Is collaboration important?  Absolutely.  Amazon obviously agrees.  They reportedly are willing to pay $9 Billion to acquire Slack, a company who provides technologies that assist with collaboration.  But just what is collaboration?  It’s a lot more than technology. If you Google “collaboration”, the search returns more than half a billion[…]

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Interim Management – Providing a Bridge During Transition

One of your key executives takes another opportunity, or announces their retirement. Does your organization have a strong succession plan and a number two waiting in the wings? Maybe there’s just too much going on to ask that person to do double duty. Even if you do have someone able[…]

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Startup Field Report #1

How hard could it be? To start a company, collaborate with innovative leaders, help them advance healthcare with technology solutions? Especially for two healthcare IT rock stars–Sue Schade and David Muntz–and me. Sue and David come from similar backgrounds—CIOs at world renowned academic medical centers, both with top industry recognition, one even with a White House appointment. I, on the[…]

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